CADRE Analytic

Price, license, and documentation

Prices   $USD

Application CD Download
CADRE Pro 6 380 345
CADRE Flow 3 185 150
CADRE Profiler 2   155 120
CADRE Geo 7 130 95
CADRE Zipwire 74 39
Pro Suite 5 660 625

*Pro Suite 5 is all five applications (CADRE Pro , CADRE Flow, CADRE Profiler, CADRE Geo, and CADRE Zipwire)

*Downloaded upgrades from CADRE Pro 4, 5 to CADRE Pro 6 are free.  Upgrades for the other software packages are free from all previous levels.

Educational Discount prices  $USD

Educational discounts are provided to valid students, professors, and other university staff.  If you think you qualify, contact CADRE Analytic and request a user name and discount coupon (password).

Application CD Download
CADRE Pro 6 210 175
CADRE Flow 3 134 99
CADRE Profiler 2 115 80
CADRE Geo 7 100 65
CADRE Zipwire 64 29
Purchase Suite 5 380 345

Software documentation

User manuals are supplied with an E-book type manual fully indexed and hyperlinked. 

The manuals are set up in a standard one sided page format and designed for convenient high quality printing to paper.  You can make your own high quality paper user manual for each authorized seat.

The manuals are made in Adobe Acrobat in Adobe pdf format in two sizes,

  • American standard letter size 8.5 x 11 inch, and

  • Metric A4 size 21 x 29.7 centimeter

for convenient printing.


CADRE Pro and CADRE Flow licenses include 3 seats as standard.  CADRE Profiler, CADRE Geo and CADRE Zipwire licenses are for 1 seat only except for licensed users of CADRE Pro in which case those licenses are also expanded to 3 seats as well.  The software usage and the licenses are the same when purchased with an educational discount.

The 3 seat license is for 3 independent installations on a local machines or devices (with standard windows operating systems for desktop or laptop).  The applications have not been designed to be accessed and operated from a server installation.

FREE updates for registered users

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