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CADRE Analytic provides structural engineering analyses prepared by licensed professional engineers for many types of structures, from the very small to the very large.  In addition the analysis reports, CADRE Analytic will provide the actual FEA model files, loading files, output data solutions, and the software enabled to allow the client to examine the models in more detail and extend the analysis as desired.  

CADRE Analytic is experienced in providing structural analyses (e.g. wind, snow, and seismic) for unusual and complex structures such as geodesic domes, towers, and large metal artistic sculptures.  Examples of some of our work include the aluminum tube pergolas at Miami Lincoln Park in Florida, the concrete and steel "Shade tree" sculpture at the Santa Rosa park in San Luis Obispo, CA, and the "Stylus" sculpture that currently adorns the government building in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Contact CADRE Analytic for project proposals and estimates.

If you prefer, you can expand your capabilities.  Purchase the software and we can assist you in building your first models and performing these types of analyses yourself. 


CADRE Analytic has been providing quality Windows based engineering software since 1994.  We provide a collection of structural analysis software, structural design software, and pipe flow system analysis software that are intended to compliment each other in the analysis of a wide variety of engineering projects.  These applications are developed, maintained, and supported by practicing professional engineers.  They are versatile user-friendly engineering tools that are easy to learn and quick to adapt to almost any engineering endeavor. 

These applications have extensive help files, tutorial exercises, user manuals, white papers, and a large collection of sample models and tutorial exercises with detail discussions of their analysis objectives and model construction methods.  CADRE Analytic also provides personalized technical support from licensed professional engineers by telephone and email without charge.  We suggest you try the tutorial exercises and review some of the sample models before we get into the your first project. 

Software support

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CADRE structural software features

  • 3D modeling of structuresDish antenna
  • Finite element structural analysis
  • Beam and plate finite element modeling
  • Structural loads, stresses, and displacements
  • Load diagrams and stress diagrams
  • Displacement graphs
  • Thermal loads, temperature effects & pre-loads
  • Stability and buckling analysis, P-Delta, Beam-columns
  • Vibration modes and frequencies (animated)
  • Shock and seismic analysis with built-in spectrum generator
  • Spring elements elements
  • Tension-only and compression-only beam elements
  • One-way boundary restraints allowing free lift-off
  • Spring restraints (ideal for elastic foundation analyses)
  • CAD (DXF) import/export


Octahedron dome

  • Built-in geodesic generator
  • Built-in section property data sets (US, Australia & Europe)
  • Built-in section property calculator for user defined common shape types.

also available...

Pipe network software

AC duct system

  • 3D Hydraulic and fluid flow networks
  • Pump and turbine and other device requirements
  • Low speed HVAC systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Biofilters for water systems
  • Supports any system of units

Software summary

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CADRE Pro IconCADRE Pro A full featured FEA structural analysis application for beam and/or plate type structures. 

CADRE Flow iconCADRE Flow An application for determining flow properties of complex hydraulic systems and piping networks. 

CADRE Geo iconCadre Geo A general design and drafting aid for constructors of geodesic and spherical type structures. Includes geodesic domes on rectangular bases.

.CADRE Profiler iconSection profile designer An application for the design and derivation of section properties for custom beam cross sections including composite and multiple material sections.

Zipwire icon CADRE Zipwire An application for the design of suspended catenary or parabolic cables and taut wire systems.

 CADRE Regression icon Regression analysis FREE SOFTWARE.  A general curve fitting application provided free of charge without promos or any other hassles

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Sketchup2CADRE  Third party extension for Sketchup™ design software that exports and imports finite element model files (*.fem) to and from CADRE Pro 6. 

3D modeler Rhino3D has excellent meshing and DXF export options for use in building finite element models

    Rhino 3D modeling

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