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Microsoft .Net for Windows

Microsoft .Net Version 2.0 is necessary for all CADRE Analytic software 

CADRE Pro support

Technical white papers for CADRE Pro 6

These technical papers (in Adobe pdf format) were prepared in response to issues and questions arising from actual construction projects encountered by users of CADRE Pro.  They are intended to provide advice and information to help user's choose the best way to approach specific structural modeling and analysis issues.

Guide to the CADRE Pro sample files (updated 4/2017)

#001B   Building and loading an open-frame tower (updated 3/2017)

#002   Seismic analysis benchmark

#003C  Building and analyzing a baffled fuel tank (updated 7/2016)

#004    The CADRE Pro beam section stress method
(taken from Chapter 16 of the User Manual)

#005    Performing a shock analysis for a 'black box'

#006A   Loading a closed frame type structure (Updated 3/2016)

#007D   Structural analysis of a geodesic dome (Updated 4/2016)

#008    Constructing girder models

#009    The CADRE Pro triangular plate elements

#010    Baseplate on a concrete foundation

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