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CADRE Analytic provides structural analyses prepared by licensed professional engineers for many types of structures, from the very small to the very large; specializing in the unusual.  The following list presents a few of the customers that have made use of our analytical services and illustrates the wide range of projects that we can address. 

We used the CADRE Pro structural analysis software to analyze and confirm these structures with respect to seismic, wind, snow and other design conditions specified by the applicable codes.  

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HMT Tank, Inc.
Houston, Texas
Aluminum geodesic storage tank covers

HMT Tank cover

Vacuum Atmospheres Co.
Hawthorn, California

Glove box 

Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Geodesic green houses

Growing spaces domes

Big Span Structures
Hernando, Florida

- Amphitheaters;


- B2 bomber portable hanger;

- Tallapoosa casino, Alabama;

- La Carpa Center, Puerto Rico;

- Potomac Yard Roundhouse, Virginia;

Potomac Round house under construction

- Hanford nuclear reservation mobile shelter, Washington;

- Bulk storage salt shelter, Arkansas.


Open ocean spherical fish farms designed with
 CADRE Geo and analyzed with CADRE Pro

Geodesic fish farm 

Richardson Engineering
Orlando, Florida

Lincoln park pergola structures.  Structural validation using CADRE Pro


Robert Vessely, Civil Engineer
San Luis Obispo, California

San Luis Obispo government building sculpture "The stylus".

Stylus sculpture

San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa skate park sculpture "The Shade Tree"

The shade tree sculpture

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